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How to burn through Money

It Is The Eyes Of Others That Ruin Us Not Our Own

If all the world were blind except myself, I should not care for fine clothes or furniture. It is the fear of what “people” will say that makes most of us work so hard.

Mr. Smith may say, I have Kshs.1,000 a month while Mr. Doe has Kshs.50,000. I knew him when he was poor like myself and now he is rich and thinks he is better than I am. I will show him that I am as good as he is. I will go and hire an expensive car and ride on the same road as he does and thus prove to him that I am as good as he is.

On her part, Mrs. Smith might say, “Jane married John Doe for his money and everybody says so.” Jane has a nice $1,000 Chanel suit, and Mrs Smith will make Mr. Smith buy her an imitation one and sit next to Jane Doe in church in order to prove that they are equals.

The Smiths need not put on airs to convince anyone that they are better than Mr & Mrs. Doe. They can easily prove their worth by behaving as well as the Does. Keep away from vanity and envy. Oh and by the way “people” do not care about what you do or do not do. They are too busy buried in their own business.

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