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How To Train Yourself To Love Saving

It is not easy or fun to delay gratification of your wants by saving. But we know it is good for us, like fruits and vegetables. My advice, buy yourself a piggy bank (which makes saving fun and will always bring a smile to your face) and secondly acquire love for routine using any one of the strategies below:

  • The 52 week money challenge with whatever adaptation suits you – start with Kshs.50 per week or 100 or higher or lower. Click here for more details
  • Start small with gradual increments – start by depositing the smallest denomination of your currency into your piggy bank. Day 2 you double day 1’s deposit, Day 3 you double day 2’s deposit. Click here to get a clearer picture
  • Keep 10% of every amount you get as savings George Clason’s rule no.1 to fattening your purse

Please note that the point here is NOT to raise a huge amount of money but to get into the habit of saving.

Action Points

  1. Select a savings plan from the list above and stick to it for the next 30 days
  2. Get a piggy bank – It does not have to be store bought. You could use a former jar of sugar or jam that was headed to the dustbin. What to do with the piggy bank? Start by reading an article I wrote a few weeks ago by following this link Pigs are fun animals

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