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I Have Been Broke Many Times But I Have Never Been Poor

This quote is from Mike Todd. At first glance it looks like an oxymoron but the second part of the quote is “Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation”

Did you ever meet someone who complained of being poor even though they had everything going for them? And vice versa for a poor person who you can clearly see they have nothing but they are so generous? A story is told of Rockefeller going to a jewellers to buy a watch. He checked many watches, compared the prices, asked for a discount and basically did to the poor salesman what we all do when we want to buy something of the highest quality at the lowest price. Finally in frustration the salesman said,

“Why do you always quibble over price when you come to my shop? Your son never does. In fact, he goes for the most expensive watch and pays the stated price.”

Rockefeller replied, “He has a rich father, I don’t.”

As you go about receiving and enjoying your February salary, think about this anecdote. Recognise your money mindset and always be aware of it when you are budgeting or reviewing your budget. Are you Rockefeller or his son? Neither is right or wrong as long as you can sustain the lifestyle you choose for yourself.

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