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If It Is Painful, You Are Doing It Wrong

How is your financial plan going?

If the answer is bad, not good, given up, dreary, stressing me out, cannot remember, what financial plan? or any other negative adjectives, then you are doing it wrong. It should be fun not painful!

The plan is meant to align with your life goals, not be written down and stored safely until further notice. It is supposed to inspire you. Every time you say no to something, think of it as saying yes to something else. For instance, it is easier to forego a hearty meal at an expensive restaurant if you think of the saving as the purchase of a bag of cement for your dream house.

To date, the most fun I have had with my finances is saving in a piggy bank. The sound of the coins as they noisily clink into the empty box until the point where it is a dull clink because the piggy bank is full and requires emptying. And the grand reveal at emptying after counting all the money to discover I have actually saved a potful of good money.

  • Do you have a piggy bank? It does not have to be store bought. You can repurpose an empty can or jar in the house.
  • Have a goal or purpose for the saving. It could be for your phone upgrade or a pair of shoes that are not in your budget or a dream vacation or a visit to an expensive restaurant.
  • You can deposit notes as well. Just because it is a piggy ban does not mean you have to feed it coins alone.
  • Make it part of your routine. For example, every evening, empty your pockets, wallet or purse of any loose change and piggy bank it.
  • When it is full, count out your stash and bank the whole of your collection.
  • When you reach your target, celebrate! The celebration does not have to be costly. You could sleep in on Saturday as a reward to yourself, or you can visit a friend or family, or treat yourself to something that costs a tiny fraction of what you have saved.

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