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Of Pigs and Cash

Did you ever own a piggy bank growing up?  I didn’t.  My parents did not believe that children needed cash so no piggy bank.  But I did not feel deprived because my imagination was not developed well enough to know what to do with money.  I often had this conversation with my brother about life:

“With my first salary I will buy sweets and chocolates and soda and juice and fill my fridge full of them”  This was after our mother had denied us coins for candy. Who could blame her she was a nurse worried about he children getting sore throats and bad teeth.

“If it rained sweets, chewing gum and chocolates I would not even report to school.  I would stay home and collect them all”  This was for rainy days.  Incidentally, these conversations only came up as we walked to school.

I wanted a piggy bank because it is the coolest thing ever.  Then I became an accountant and a piggy bank was not big enough to store my cash, I needed a bank account.  And my sister opened a Jumbo Junior account for her son and I realised my relationship with piggy banks was far from over.  I wanted to ask for the piggy bank for myself but she was very clear from day one that the green elephant with chubby cheeks was for the baby and nobody else. Not even when you woke up early in the morning and realised there was no milk and bread for breakfast.  For some reason the piggy bank was located on top of the fridge in the kitchen so the temptation to repurpose the coins in there was always very strong.  And I coveted the baby’s toy from a distance.

It never occurred to me to buy myself a piggy bank even when I started working.  One day, last month as I was going about my business and not ruing my lot in life, I happened upon a piggy bank!  A fancy one not pink with four feet, a curly tail, a snout and a coin slot on its back.  This was a fancy one shaped like a house or candy store.  I was ecstatic.  I took it to my room dusted it off and put it on a place of honour.

Then I started wondering what to do with it.  Oh yes it is the human lot in life.  You long for a thing so badly and immediately you get it, you have no idea what to do with it.  And of course I still have the bank account – what to do? What to do?  Then it hit me.  Use it as an incentive.  As an expert in procrastinating (this week of not blogging should be a clear indicator) waiting for the first University to offer Procrastination 101 at PhD level, all the time I need an incentive to start or finish or continue. Oh and by the way, procrastination is not all bad (you can google it, or let me write about how a productivity expert made me feel like a thousand shillings for being a procrastinator).

So I am starting a collection for each time I get stuff done.  I have big holiday plans and I am a firm believer of not borrowing money to spend.  Which is why the bank account will not be able to cut it – there is a cheque book and ATM card that remove the discipline.  So the piggy bank is being commissioned ASAP.

Still if anyone comes across a piggy bank, preferably a plastic one that will grow fatter and fatter with every deposit I make, my birthday is in August 🙂


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  1. MT

    Piggy bank? I’m going to shop for one.

  2. Maureen Karingi

    As the soon to retire procrastinator in chief, I endorse this message!!!!

  3. Karina Q

    In my family we have a piggy bank for each swear word we use in the house. My children don’t swear. But they pick their noses. So they pay for that. The adults pay for bad words. I am not sure this will pay our holidays, but the piggy is getting ful. I am not sure if this method is discouraging us from swearing or is it doing the opposite…

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