Personal Finance Masterclass - An Online Course With Suziema

Have you tried and given up on some financial goal?  Did you have some financial reversals and want to get back on track?  Or have you never tried to manage your finances before?  Then this is the course for you and your loved ones.  Afterall sharing is caring. And after 2020, we all need some care.

The course is structured in bite sized lessons that you can take on the bus, or while waiting or queueing – anywhere you can get an internet connection.  It is divided into 4 modules

Module 1: Introduction to Personal Finance

·         Money mind-set

·         Financial goal setting

·         Budgeting

 Module 2: How to make money

·         Earning money

·         Recovering from a financial set back

·         Frugality

 Module 3: How to keep money

·         Saving money

·         Spending money

·         Insurance

·         Debt management

 Module 4: How to grow money

·         Investing

·         Retirement

Make your payments via:

M-PESA to phone number 0721454162 – Susan Nyakiamo

PayPal to – Susan Nyakiamo

Class registration for the first cohort closes on 28th February 2021.  All the students will receive a thirty minute one on one telephone consultation with me before the end of the course

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