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The One Who Told Me I Couldn’t

Do you have such people in your life?  And do you keep them as friends?

  1. No!  These are the toxic relationships we are encouraged to get out of chap chap.  These people bring you down, do not validate your dreams, impede your progress.  Keeping them as friends is like having a serpent for a pet.  Sweet and fun when it is small but deadly fully grown.
  2. Yes!  That is more like me.  They irritate me to no end and then I am on fire to prove them wrong.  And when I do, I realise it is thanks to them that I made this achievement in my life hence they do deserve a place in my life as friends.

So there I was three years ago at a time like this, doing my tax returns.  I was upset with myself for not having done them earlier.  But at the same time, I was upset at how much money the government removed from my salary all year-long.  And I let them!  By the way, instead of doing their own bookkeeping, they make me do their accounting for them to prove that they deducted the correct amount of cash from my hard-earned salary.

Yes.  A lot of bad blood was flowing then.  I went to check with the HR department (the merciless accomplices of the government when it comes to salary deductions) about the P9 form.  As the HR Manager patiently explained the intricacies of the loathed form to me, I had a light bulb moment.

“I am so upset with myself for letting the government deduct so much money from my payslip while I cannot say I have ever seen such a cumulative balance in my account.  You know what?  From now on, I am going to save as much as is deducted from my salary.  Next year at such a time, I will be doing my returns with a matching balance in my savings account,” I concluded triumphantly.

“You can’t do it.  There is no way you can save as much as you are taxed.  It cannot be done,”

Really?  What kind of answer is that?  And from a Human Resources practitioner no less!  Incensed I went home that evening, pulled out my payslip and my cheque book.  Wrote out 12 cheques equal to the amount of monthly income tax deducted.  These I proceed to bank faithfully for the whole year.

At some point I even forgot where the habit originated from.  When it was tax time again, memory served and I recalled the conversation 12 years before.  What a personal coup!

Yep.  This one qualifies to be in the friend list.


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  1. MT

    I had never thought of that. I’ll try it out.

  2. Karina Q


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