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Washing Dishes

As a little girl, one of my chores was dish washing. We were many kids so we would take turns hence the honour would fall on me every other day and not daily. The best days would be when aunts or older cousins would visit then they would volunteer to do the dishes while the little ones played. Was I glad to be little then!

I had a system to get through dish washing. When it was my turn, I would finish eating first then go to the kitchen and wash all the dishes in the sink before the rest of the family was done with the meal. At least I would try. Triumphantly, I would walk out of the kitchen mission accomplished; feeling quite satisfied with myself, I would disappear to play.

Then I would hear my mum’s voice, “Susanna,” There is something about your mother calling you by your given name instead of a pet name like sweetie, baby, mummy, Suziema etc. You dare not ignore. I would reluctantly walk back to the kitchen where there would be more dishes in the sink because everyone had finished eating. One look at mum and I would go to the sink. She would collect all the dirty dishes and put them either in the sink or somewhere close that I could not possibly ignore them.

Then along comes the worst thing of all. She would put all the leftover food from the cooking pans into dishes to store in the fridge leaving the pans ready for cleaning. Scrubbing pans is not fun. Mum required her pans to be shiny silver like they were when she bought them and it was the responsibility of the dishwasher to get them that way. By the time everything was washed, she would remind me that all the kitchen surfaces needed to be wiped down including the cooker. And finally wash out the sink so there is no oil or food particles remaining. Wash the table cloth you wiped the surfaces with and hang it out to dry. Now you are done dish washing.

Switch to the workplace. How do you carry out your tasks? Do you stay within the instructions given you by the boss or do you read your job description and do what it states? How committed are you to your job? Do you “wash the sink and table cloth and hang it out?” Or does your supervisor come to remind you about what is still outstanding after you declare you have completed your task?

Remember it is your source of income for now. This is where all the money you intend to save and invest comes from. Do you think you need to give it more effort to ensure a constant supply until you are able to do without it?

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