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What Does Success Look Like To You?

When you think of being successful, the fire that burns in your stomach that makes you get out of bed every morning come hail or high water, what do ou see?

Most of the time we have a preconceived idea of what success should be. We get it either from our parents, the social media or conversations we have had or overheard. I know my idea of success for the longest time had been to get a degree, get a job, buy land/a house and buy a car. In fact the highest mark of a wealthy person in my village is one who has a car.

If music videos are anything to go by, the rappers and celebrities in holywood think a big house and big car are marks of wealth too. Today, I would like you to pause and think about what wealth means for you. Not your neighbours, not your parents and relatives, just you. This will help you decide what is important enough to be included in the budget and what will not.

Try not to be like someone I was told about recently. A lady who lived in a huge house all alone since the children had all left home to go to start their own lives. To reduce the loneliness, she hired several workers who lived in the servants’ quarters. Eventually she opted to have the workers live inside the house with her to keep her company and help her sleep better since large houses creak and bang scarily at night.

So are you looking to buy a huge house and an expensive car so everyone else can see that you are able to do so? Or will you buy a practical home that you will be happy to retire to with no worries of climbing stairs in your old arthritic age?

Once you figure this out for yourself, you will be able to draw yourself a roadmap to your own financial success. Not one that is dictated by anybody else that is not assisting you along that road.

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